Clay Pigeon Shooting Basics

Everything You Need to Know About Clay Pigeon Shooting

Three Basic Styles of Shotgun

There are three basic designs of gun, Side by Side, Semi-Automatic and Over and Under.

Side by side shotguns are regularly used by traditional game shooters. As the name side by side suggests, their two barrels are side by side.

Under and overs have their barrels vertically one above the other. Shooters normally use an over and under gun for Continue reading

SEO for Google

How to Rank in Google

Have you any idea which Google update has affected your rankings? Google Panda & Penguin are very different. If your Google search engine traffic fell significantly on the 24th April 2012 then the launch of Penguin is the cause of your penalty.A large drop in search engine traffic near the 24th April 2012 indicates that Google Penguin is the cause of your ranking penalty.

You will also notice that the keywords you have used the most in your back-link anchor text are the ones penalized the hardest. The free back-link checking tool Continue reading

How To Choose Solar Lighting

How to Choose Solar Lighting

Solar lights is becoming increasingly popular as cost efficient way to provide additional ambient lighting in the garden.

Compared with traditional mains lighting, solar is much easier and cheaper to install. If you want to install lights in an area that doesn’t have a local 240 volt supply, solar offers an affordable, Continue reading